psisa1 (psisa1) wrote,

Письма щастья форева)))

Я скоро их коллекцию собирать буду)))
На этот раз у меня, оказывается, в виде компенсации от ООН по Вестерн Юниону пришло 300 тыщ (или млн, там странно запятые расставлены))). Скромненько, скромненько))))

Please be informed that you have $300,000.00 Lodged in our Western Union®
Money Transfer office to transfer to you as Compensation from Western Union®
and United Nation.Kingly Contact pay unit officer Mr. David George.

Апд от 30.11.2010:

My name is Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary to (UNITED NATIONS) I would advise you to contact Director Foreign Payment Mr.Jim Ovia, Zenith Bank Int'l Plc. On this E-mail ( Please send him your full name address and telephone numbers, or call him on +234-8036956989 for your ATM CARD valued $2.2 million offered in your name. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
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